Wearing my docs

2 Oct

Yesterday, after a long absence, I wore my Doc Martin boots and it gave me such a sense of self expression.

I hadn’t worn my docs, especially with a dress, for about four or more years – many factors influenced my not wearing my favored boots – mostly a change in my fashion style to a more vintage styled look. But no matter what they were, a necessity to wear comfortable shoes to work, especially as I was walking to and from the bus stop to work, bought me back to them.

I had changed from ballet flats, dresses and pants to black docs, socks and a dress. For the last few years my style had grown more vintage, more “normal” and projecting a more subtle image of myself. And I had felt as many others wore similar clothes that I had lost a little of my own difference and unique image.

By wearing my docs, I felt I could project an obvious signifier that I am different and that I am not like all others. This gave me a sense of confidence too. And, as this is not an overly common look like it had been in the 1990’s and 2000’s (I had worn my docs from 2002 – 2007), there is a sense of self expression and difference. And I notice the punk and cool alternative girls wearing their docs with skirts and dresses as they stand out amongst the other girls in uni.

And now I have come back to this look and I will wear this along with my vintage style outfits. I like the kick it gives me.


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