3 Oct

Writing. It is my passion. But sometimes the creativity, the thoughts rushing into your head, doesn’t seem to flow. Then writing seems like work, almost like a chore, if you have to. A mentally taxing day at work, time away from research material or other things that inspire seem to dull the creative juices.

I am currently working on a novel – an historical lesbian romance and adventure set in India in the 18th and 19th centuries – and I am currently not feeling the creativity flowing for my story. I have been intensely researching, reading thesis’, books, papers, Wikipedia entries and webpages for a couple of months now. And thoughts of scenes, dialogue, the back story, timeline or biographical information usually pops into my head easily.

But, not at the moment. My work in a university has been particularly busy, intense and stressful of late. And we had a long weekend over which I didn’t give my story a single meaningful thought. And, my creativity has been focused on my blog and poems lately. So my poor story and my research for it has gone by the way side.

I know that spark will return, I just need to clear my brain of other information, get the blogging out of the way and sit down and read and think and compose intensely for a while. After all, they say, a writer should write everyday, something I am not doing at the moment, but will endeavor to do.


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