6 Dec

Sapphicscientist's Blog

I am myself. I chose to say that I am a lesbian. Yes that is what I am, but I also want to feel comfortable with how I express and define my sexuality. As a feminist I am a little loathed to use terms such as ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ as they are mostly societal constructs. But as a scientist, I acknowledge that there are traits that are influenced my female and male hormones and underlying genetic differences. I don’t like to define myself completely as a woman in a feminine way, but I have to once again acknowledge that I am feminine in how I ‘display’ myself. I like to wear dresses and make-up and look like a lady! But not because society says I should, but because that is what I LIKE and identify with. I know I have been somewhat socially conditioned when I was a girl and…

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