6 Dec

Sapphicscientist's Blog

I have to admit that I was rather nerdy at high school. I was the ‘ugly duckling’ with neither good looks or popularity (although I never wanted to be part of the ‘popular group’ at my school) and was into books, history, different countries, weird and classic Britsh TV shows, movies, cricket and of coarse science. I entered science competitions and enjoyed science in years 8-10, and then Biology in year 11 and 12. Was this a precurser to doing research and a PhD? It was my obsession with the X-Files and being inspired by Scully that cemented my keen interest in science. Well I was still rather nerdy by the time I finished school, but I had the chance to transform into a swan at my school formal (the Australian version the American prom) when I wore a black silk halter neck dress like 1930’s movie star Jean Harlow…

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