6 Dec

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I was watching the movie, The Iron Lady about the life of Margaret Thatcher, with my girl yesterday. And the movie, detailing Margaret’s political and personal life, accomplishments and political and personal convictions, was inspirational! I have admired Margaret Thatcher since I was about 17, for the accomplishment of being the first female prime minister of Britain – at a time (1970’s to the 1990’s) when there were terrorist attacks by the IRA, the Falklands War, race riots, high unemployment, a bad economy and disillusionment by the young (the Punk movement etc). And she herself was a chemist – a science graduate of Oxford! In her final year she specialised in X-Ray Crystallography, supervised by another lady scientist, Dorothy Hodgkin. And after graduating she worked as a research chemist, ran for parliament, got married, had twins, studied law and became a lawyer! What a remarkable woman! And she is the…

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