6 Dec

Sapphicscientist's Blog

Can the sexualisation of female scientists be a positive thing? Can it be a way to introduce science (both generalised and specialised) to a lesbian audience and encourage greater engagement with science in this audience? You can’t deny that sex sells, and sex is used to sell and promote to a lesbian audience. Pick up a lesbian magazine and you will see sexualised images of women (some genuine lesbians, others actors or models, others straight women) in articles, promotions and advertising. But is it done in a different way? Can you view sexualised women as a lesbian and feminist in a different way to men? Is there the same kind of objectification? Is it purely for
gratification and speaking to the most primal instincts? As a lesbian sex positive feminist I think you can view this in a different way – a combination of desire, solidarity, respect, reading lesbian cues…

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