7 Dec

Sapphicscientist's Blog

To follow on from my previous post – I am still digesting the different images of women in science.

To be completely honest, as a lesbian scientist who likes a bit of glamour, I quiet like the idea of a sexy female scientist in a lab coat. Though I guess I would see her from two different angles – the smart, intelligent, professional scientist and the attractive woman. And I don’t mean to sound conceited, but I would view her with respect and acknowledge her profession along with her attractiveness.

I think programs such as CSI do sexualise the image of a female scientist and cynically I think they do that to draw in a male audience (and with it a few women as well). Although these female scientists are professionals and are seemingly respected by their peers, their immaculate grooming, high heels etc do still portray a different image.

When I was…

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