Third Wave Feminism

4 Apr

I have been reading a paper on Third Wave Feminism and the defense of the concept of “choice” and “choice Feminism,” where the feminist movement gives women choice in how they live their lives and are not judgemental regarding these choices. The paper, entitled Third-Wave Feminism and the Defense of “Choice” by R. Claire Snyder-Hall, was published in the journal Perspectives on Politics, volume 8, in 2010. The paper was part of a symposium on Women’s Choices and the Future of Feminism.

I think of myself as a Third Wave / Sex Positive Feminist. I believe women, including feminists, are free to make their own choices regarding how they live their lives, express their sexuality, and embrace feminine traits, without judgement or patriarchal interference. That said, I passionately believe that women should not submit to male dominance, nor feel they “have to” be feminine to be a woman. In my belief system, the concept of “Empowered Femininity,” discussed in previous posts – Femme Fatales – empowered femininity? and Empowered Femininity, helps to define Sex Positive Feminism for me. Empowered, modern, feminist women embrace and perform femininity in their own ways or emulate and transform with confidence and assertiveness, femininity and female sexuality from past eras. I believe the neo-burlesque and neo-pin up movements, and modern femme and lipstick lesbian identities, allow feminist women (and non-feminist identified women) to embrace modern femininity, of their own choosing and purpose. And these women have control over their own identity and what being a woman, and feminine means to them, and not solely for the male or female gaze.


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