A Short Story

11 Apr

The death of Margaret Thatcher this week had stimulated my thoughts, and I have been thinking of the punk movement, the band the Clash, British patriotism, the Falklands War, “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland and the IRA (prominent at the time of Margaret Thatcher’s terms as Prime Minister).

Yesterday morning I was thinking of a story / novel idea that I had floating around in my head in the late 1990’s when I had an avid interest in “The Troubles” and the military history of the Falklands War. The story idea revolved around a young Australian woman, a police officer in the UK, her relationship with her older Royal Marine husband, the impact that military and terrorist activities had had on their lives, and their troubled daughter/stepdaughter who dabbles in a relationship with her teacher, a lesbian romance and a passion for the emerging goth subculture.

I didn’t develop the story (on paper anyway) any further than writing a short story – A Short Story – Agenton my other blog Red Passion Writings. It is strange for me to look back at and read this story I wrote over thirteen years ago and when I was straight / unaware of my lesbian sexuality / a repressed lesbian. Very strange. A sense of uncomfortableness (with my previous straight life and desires perhaps and reading my own work) coupled with a little sense of pride. I had written this! I don’t think it is that well written, and the plot could be improved, but I am proud. Perhaps I will develop the story further and use it as the basis of a novel.


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