Chrissy Amphlett – Sassy Woman of Rock

23 Apr

I was saddened to find out last night that Chrissy Amphlett, the lead singer for the Australian rock band, Divinyls, had passed away. My girl mentioned it to me as soon as I walked in the door.

She was such a sassy lady, a woman with a certain toughness and female sexuality, who stood her own amongst the Australian rock scene in the 1980’s and 1990’s. I loved her look – long bright red hair and provocative (and subversive) short dress (i.e. school uniform) with suspenders and high heels, her distinctive gutsy voice and her wild performance style.

I’ve never actually owned any of the band’s albums, but I had songs such as ‘Pleasure and Pain’ and ‘I Touch Myself’ on cassette tape which I had taped off the radio. In 1991, as twelve year old girl I heard ‘I Touch Myself.’ I loved the song, not specifically because it was a song about masturbation, it just seemed like a cool song, and Chrissy’s voice sounded so cool. But I was no fool, I did know what it was about, it is was kind of naughty and yet empowering. Now days I actually like ‘Pleasure and Pain’ and ‘Science Fiction’ are my favourite songs.

Reading some of the articles and statements from people who knew Chrissy reinforces her presence, female toughness, rock and roll swagger, outspokenness, originality and being a true performer. She was a great Australian rock performer, female role model and an inspiration to me (and I am sure many more Australian women growing up in the early 1990’s).

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20130423-072611.jpg (Source – Divinyls’ Facebook page)


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