At The Drive In

26 Apr

In the early 2000’s, my younger brother introduced me to post-hardcore Texan band At The Drive In and their album Relationship of Command. The music and style was different, powerful, energetic, chaotic, arty. I loved the energy and the political and societal commentary in their songs. It spoke to my punk leanings. There was a sense of frustration and aggressive opinion, and to me it seemed like dissatisfaction with American society (or perhaps not).

The album and the band’s music and philosophy spoke to me. If I was angry or frustrated and I would put on this album and let out my emotions. Video clips for some of the singles from the album, One Armed Scissor and Pattern Against User showed shots of New York City (a place I had wanted to visit for years), driving across the USA, subcultures, violence and societal issues; and the band performing at festivals. These clips spoke to me. And when I travelled to the USA (to New York, Washington, Chicago and Michigan) in 2003 I took this album with me. And I loved the artwork on the album and the bands stickers (I had a black, red and yellow sticker with the word ‘atencion’ on my CD case).

I haven’t listened to this album for a while. I am going to look it out and listen to it.




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