Some Swashbuckling Adventure

30 Apr

Over the last few days my girl and I have enjoyed watching some swashbuckling adventures on DVD – the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies and a few episodes of the British-American co-production, Hornblower (the adventures of a young Englishman in the British Navy during the Revolutionary war between Britain, the French Republic and other European nations. Oh I do love a bit of swashbuckling adventure! Sword fighting, naval battles, period uniforms and fashion, tough women prepared to fight or involve themselves politically.

I do find the character of Elizabeth Swan in the Pirates of the Caribbean series quiet fascinating. I like her transformation from meek and mild (yet intrigued by stories of pirates and the like) Englishwoman in a colonial setting into a cross dressing, sword wielding, strong woman (and pirate). And interestingly, along with her new found toughness, she retains a more typical feminine trait of romantic and devotional love for Will Turner. In the second and third movies, Elizabeth transforms further and takes on an even more tougher and empowered persona. Plus I love her costumes, particularly her long nightgown and the men’s clothes she wears disguised as a young man – breaches, shirt and waistcoat.

I really like Hornblower the first time I watched the mini-series on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV. As mentioned before, I am fascinated with the French Revolution, so that part of the series intrigued me. I also really enjoyed the naval battles and the relationship between Hornblower and his captain, Captain Pellew. And yes there are some tough women in the series, and I thought them particularly intriguing and inspiring.

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