Book About Manipulation – How to Manipulate Your Man – Thanks Sunrise for Perpetuating this Image / Ideal of Women!

15 May

While I was eating breakfast at 5:15am this morning I watched yesterday’s episode of Sunrise, an Australian Breakfast TV show. The show included a story and interview on a Canadian hypnotist who had written a book about psychological manipulation (for good apparently) and mind control. The show and its presenters described the book as showing how “women can manipulate their husbands and boyfriends to get everything they want………. the methods can get women a second date and even a marriage proposal…..” What the hell?! Once the presenters interviewed the author the ideas presented in the book became more clear and it appeared to be more about identifying how you are manipulated and how you can change this. The show’s presenters did question the use of the word manipulation (with its negative connotations) and whether people should be manipulating others. But regardless, the intro to the segment and the text on the screen during the segment, focused on “manipulating your man.”

But oh it made me so mad (so much so I wrote this blog post as soon as I got on the train for my morning commute). Here is a popular show perpetuating the idea that manipulation is a good thing and the myth / perception that women want to manipulate men for their own means and that they need to do this to say get another date or a marriage proposal. Oh god!! I loathe this sort of crap!! This helps to perpetuate misogynist thinking and an unhealthy ideal of how women ‘should’ act. I.e. women should manipulate their men to get what they want. And the male presenter, although it was tongue in cheek at first, put men down describing them as unintelligent and easily manipulated. Oh jeez!!

Personally I believe we shouldn’t have to manipulate our significant others to get what we want. Isn’t a relationship a partnership of two people? If our partner doesn’t do what we want, talk about it, even get mad (and realise how silly you are for doing so – people aren’t mind readers), but for god’s sake don’t manipulate them to get what you want. It seems like such a selfish and controlling thing to do. And don’t listen to popularist TV shows, authors and magazines, especially when they perpetuate negative stereotypes of women and men.

Watch the video yourself at the Sunrise website.


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