Asperwomen – Thoughts

23 May

After posting Asperwomen: Adult Women with Asperger Syndrome. Moving towards a female profile of Asperger Syndrome, a reblog of a post from taniaannmarshall’s blog, along with my comments including my personal experiences, I wondered if I had revealed too much. Had I said too much about the similarity of my traits and experiences to those exhibited and experienced by women diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome? I certainly did not wish to diminish those who had been diagnosed, I was discussing my own experience. I had revealed a lot. But it did feel a little affirming and in a way an embracing of these traits. Perhaps writing from the perspective that I did, I expressed it in a way that normalised these traits and didn’t make it a point of negative difference. Perhaps also it is the way that traits are perceived that changes whether these traits are positive or negative. For example, the ability to absorb great amounts of information and the thirst for knowledge. These traits can definitely be seen as good and positive, especially in an academic / education environment.

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