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Bisexual Women and Men I Greatly Admire

24 Sep

Anais Nin
Frida Kahlo
Marlene Dietrich
Freddie Mercury
David Bowie
Virginia Woolf
Drew Barrymore
Angelina Jolie
Anna Paquin

20130924-173205.jpg (Source – Frida Kahlo)

20130924-173725.jpg(Source – Wikipedia)

Bisexual Pride / Visibility Day

24 Sep

Unbeknownst to me, it was Bisexual Pride / Visibility Day yesterday, 23rd September. A day to celebrate bisexuality and educate society on bisexuality, Biphobia and discrimination of bisexual people. If I had know I would have worn pink, purple and blue in support. When coming out I identified as bisexual (I no longer identify as this though) and I am a big advocate for acceptance and understanding of bisexuality in the LGBTQI community.

Pink News – Bi-Visibility Day

20130924-071110.jpg (Source – Wikipedia –

Block Chicks Directory

20 Sep

My blog has been listed in the Blog Chicks Personal Blogs Directory!


STEM career workshop for girls

20 Sep
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