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Romance Amongst The Dunes?

19 Jul

Inspired by my previous post – Archaeology, I was thinking, “should I write a story of archaeological adventure, romance and bygone eras?” Perhaps I will. I started doodling with a drawing of sand dunes and some prose popped into my head – “She came to me from across the sand dunes. A lone figure amongst the vast desert. My heart beat faster. I longed to hold her and show her my finds…….”



18 Jul

Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t entertain the idea of a career as an Archaeologist.

I am fascinated by history. I am a scientist by nature and training (analytical, inquisitive, skeptical, a critical thinker). I would love to time travel back to the 1930’s and 1940’s a be an Archaeologist in the vein of Indiana Jones. Oh for the adventure and romance (yes with tough, beguiling adventuresses or glamorous femme fatales)!! I do have ideas for a story / novel along these lines.

Over the last year and a half, while assessing applications from PhD students with a background in Archaeology or reading about Archaeological researchers in the Faculty I work in, I have contemplated my question. “Why didn’t I study Archaeology at university?”

In the final years of school I dreamt of being a Forensic Pathologist or Forensic Biologist. I was still fascinated with history. When I came to start my science degree (after a year of a Bachelor of Arts trying to concretely decide what I wanted to do), I headed down the path of applied biology and animal biology. Lack of Archaeological subjects where I wanted to study and a few other factors decided for me. And as I progressed though undergraduate science, I figured out that I wanted to either pursue Forensic Biology or Microbiology, and ended up following the Microbiology path though postgraduate research studies.

Now, with thoughts of Archaeology in my mind (thanks also to a recent news story about the discovery of 50 million year old crocodile, fish and other animal bones at a contraction site in a Brisbane suburb – Workers Make Surprise Fossil Find in Brisbane Suburb, although the find was not archaeological, but paleontological, it started me thinking about the study of ancient life), I wonder how different my life and career may have been.

I might not have been travelling around the world in vintage aeroplanes, romancing glamorous women nor going on digs in exotic locales, but I may have made some fascinating discoveries of the past lives of humans. I can dream and write about it in novels. Maybe one day I may write about Archaeological research as Science Communicator / Writer – this is my career goal now.

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