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Doodling For My Gravatar

19 Jul

This week I finally drew an image to use as my Gravatar that I have had floating around in my head for at least two years. I had scribbled a bit with pen and ink, but hadn’t perfected the image nor got around to scanning and uploading my image to my blog. Using a awesome app called Paper (I mentioned this is previous posts – Doodling) I “drew” my picture of a red headed woman with red lips wearing a white lab coat dotted with red lip prints. Lipstick on my lab coat! I was really pleased with my “drawing.” So much so I am now using this as my Gravatar and my photo / image on my Twitter (@LipstickLabCoat) and Tumblr (Lipstickonmylabcoat) accounts.


Romance Amongst The Dunes?

19 Jul

Inspired by my previous post – Archaeology, I was thinking, “should I write a story of archaeological adventure, romance and bygone eras?” Perhaps I will. I started doodling with a drawing of sand dunes and some prose popped into my head – “She came to me from across the sand dunes. A lone figure amongst the vast desert. My heart beat faster. I longed to hold her and show her my finds…….”


Bastille Day

18 Jul

Bastille Day, the French National Day, anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution, was a few weeks ago. I did nothing to celebrate it, nor did I hardly give it a thought. I was preoccupied with an unexpected photographic assignment – photographing competitors in a muddy obstacle course run.

I’m not French, but I do love the commemoration of the French Revolution and the French national motto – Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Liberty, Equality and Fraternity). And I adore the unashamed use of the colours of the French tricolour – red, white and blue. When I was younger I used to wear red, white and blue on the 14th of July. Nerdy I know. But I suspect there are other Francophiles and history buffs out there that do the same.

Maybe one year, I may even be in Paris for Bastille Day – now that is a dream!!

20130719-171420.jpg(Source –


5 Jul

I recently downloaded and purchased some funky apps for my Ipad.One app, Paper, allows you to draw (with pencil, pen and watercolour) options. The other, Text Drawing, allows you write and minimally draw using text. I have been familiarising myself with the apps and created some artwork in the process. Pretty basic looking, but I’m rather proud of the rainbow coloured (fitting really) text compilation.

– Paper by 53 –
– Text Drawing by Hansol Huh –




Dita Von Teese article on beauty etc

24 Oct

I was reading the Into the Gloss interview with Dita Von Teese yesterday. I thought it was hugely inspiring and great to hear about her love for red lipstick and self expression. Particularly loved the bit about considering what you feel beautiful.

Make-up, beauty, self confidence is really what we make it, what we want, how we want to please ourselves and our partners, and how we express our interests, personalities and tastes to the world.

Have a read. I’d love to hear other peoples thoughts –


Photo taken from the Into the Gloss interview.


3 Oct

Writing. It is my passion. But sometimes the creativity, the thoughts rushing into your head, doesn’t seem to flow. Then writing seems like work, almost like a chore, if you have to. A mentally taxing day at work, time away from research material or other things that inspire seem to dull the creative juices.

I am currently working on a novel – an historical lesbian romance and adventure set in India in the 18th and 19th centuries – and I am currently not feeling the creativity flowing for my story. I have been intensely researching, reading thesis’, books, papers, Wikipedia entries and webpages for a couple of months now. And thoughts of scenes, dialogue, the back story, timeline or biographical information usually pops into my head easily.

But, not at the moment. My work in a university has been particularly busy, intense and stressful of late. And we had a long weekend over which I didn’t give my story a single meaningful thought. And, my creativity has been focused on my blog and poems lately. So my poor story and my research for it has gone by the way side.

I know that spark will return, I just need to clear my brain of other information, get the blogging out of the way and sit down and read and think and compose intensely for a while. After all, they say, a writer should write everyday, something I am not doing at the moment, but will endeavor to do.

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