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Empowered Femininity

21 Mar

Empowered femininity

I think retro style pin-up girls (neo pin-ups) and burlesque (neo-burlesque) dancers embody this sort of sex appeal.

Heart, soul, beauty, personality, elegance, confidence, strong sense of female sexuality, femininity etc.

Pin-up girls (especially those by Vargas and Gil Elvgren) had a huge influence on me. In the Pin-up girl there is an awesome combination of sex appeal, femininity, elegance and self awareness.

Femme Fatales from film noir movies and detective novels as well embodied this with their strong sense of female sexuality, glamour, toughness and an element of “deadliness,” hence the name fatale.

The Femme Fatale – empowered feminity?

15 Apr

Empowered femininity? Does the term femininity suit this? It’s a strong
form of female sexuality – empowered, self-confident, ‘feminine’ in
terms of wearing glamorous female fashion and make-up and not having
short hair. This sexuality was somewhat intertwined / related to its
effect and power over men. But it could also be seen on its own as an
expression of female sexuality. But femininity? I don’t know – maybe not
in a conventional sense.

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