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Bisexual Women and Men I Greatly Admire

24 Sep

Anais Nin
Frida Kahlo
Marlene Dietrich
Freddie Mercury
David Bowie
Virginia Woolf
Drew Barrymore
Angelina Jolie
Anna Paquin

20130924-173205.jpg (Source – Frida Kahlo)

20130924-173725.jpg(Source – Wikipedia)

The Buzzcocks – Punk & Sexuality

19 Apr

Last week with the death of Margaret Thatcher, I found myself contemplating the punk movement and their opposition to the Thatcher government and its policies. See posts – and ___________. With this I was listening a lot to The Clash (my favourite punk band). One afternoon after work I stopped off in the city and picked up some local street press (free newspapers discussing music, movies and queer topics). I picked up Queensland Pride (a local Queer Street press publication) and I saw an articles about the British punk band, The Buzzcocks. It was an enlightening article!!

I had no idea about the band’s queer ness / support for the queer community and that the lead singer, Pete Shelley is bisexual. I had never listened to their music. I had seen references and articles to the band over the years, but I thought they were a macho (given that the term ‘cock’ is in the band’s name) male orientated punk band. I was rather wrong. The ‘cock’ in the band’s name in fact refers to the Manchester slang for mates/friends. And to discover that in their songs there were references to sexuality and bisexuality, was fascinating. Peter Shelley had also been “involved in student politics at college and campaigning for rights of women and gays and lesbians and bisexuals.” A marriage of campaigning for LGBTI rights, equality for women and punk politics. I loved this. I was inspired.

I mentioned this to my girl over the weekend and said I wanted to listen to some of their music. And low and behold, my girl bought me two of their albums yesterday! She is awesome. So I had a chance to listen to their music this morning on my drive to the train station. I like it. And there were a few songs that I liked straight away – great guitar, beat and lyrics. I will be listening to more over the weekend I suspect.

I am also going to try and listen to some female punk bands such as X-Ray Specs and some Queercore (punk that rejects the disapproval of LGBTQI people) bands.

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My Bisexual Heroines / Idols

21 Mar

Here is a list of famous bisexual women that I greatly admire and that influenced the understanding of my own sexuality (first bisexuality then lesbian sexuality). There is such a strength and sensuality in these women’s personas and how they expressed their sexuality. They embraced their sexuality and love for women. Interestingly, these women are from different eras to mine, i.e. the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1960’s.

– Anais Nin
– Frida Kahlo
– Dusty Springfield
– Virginia Woolf
– Marlene Dietrich

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