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Kiki Funch – alternative lesbian blog

25 Nov

I’ve recently joined Kiki Funch, an alternative lesbian, bi and queer blog for bad bitches like you and us as a blogger. You can check out the website here. Kiki Funch is also on Facebook, so like our page if you’re interested, and follow us on Twitter. We’re just stating out, so stay tuned for some alternative (and funny and sassy and sexy) musings, images and videos on lesbian and queer culture.

5,100 Views & Counting

27 Jan

Over the weekend I reached the wonderfully inspiring (well for me anyway) milestone of 5,100 views of my blog!! Simply knowing that my blog with a minuscule following has reached that many views is encouraging. I have been very quiet on this blog for a while, but have been blogging a fair bit on my Sapphicscientist’s blog. In 2015 I am planning (cracking that imaginary whip) to blog more and do it regularly. And with more regular post I might get a fee more views?!

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

13 Feb

For the last four months I have been very quiet on the blogging front. Life, work and other projects seemed to take up all my time. But I haven’t stopped writing (even if I have haven’t been blogging). In November I started writing a column – “Queer Perspectives” for the online version of Lip Magazine, an Australian feminist magazine based in Melbourne, Victoria. This has been a wonderful opportunity to hone my writing skills and style. And hopefully my perspective on the world and my experiences have contributed in some way to the body of feminist, female oriented, and queer discourse.

In my first article Talking Sexuality and Relationships with the Golden Oldies, I wrote the positive experiences I have had when discussing sexual orientation and same sex relationships with older people.

Perhaps you can check out Lip Magazine for yourself.

Block Chicks Directory

20 Sep

My blog has been listed in the Blog Chicks Personal Blogs Directory!


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