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My Bisexual Heroines / Idols

21 Mar

Here is a list of famous bisexual women that I greatly admire and that influenced the understanding of my own sexuality (first bisexuality then lesbian sexuality). There is such a strength and sensuality in these women’s personas and how they expressed their sexuality. They embraced their sexuality and love for women. Interestingly, these women are from different eras to mine, i.e. the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1960’s.

– Anais Nin
– Frida Kahlo
– Dusty Springfield
– Virginia Woolf
– Marlene Dietrich

Femme Identity

19 Mar

I have been reading recently a paper about femme identity. The paper entitled, the Misunderstood Gender: A Model Of Modern Femme identity by Heidi M. Levitt, Elisabeth A. Gerrish and Katherine R. Hiestand was published in the journal Sex Roles in 2003. The paper surveyed a number of femme identified women about how they saw themselves, their identity and sexuality. The paper also discussed the lack of scholarly study on the femme identity (there is a lager body of work on the butch identity) and a general misunderstanding within the lesbian community and heterosexual community regarding this gender identity.

I found the paper very interesting and positively affirming of my own feelings about femininity and lesbian sexuality. Although I don’t identify solely as femme (I sometimes think of myself as a “semi femme”) many of the views and feelings reflect my own. There was one difference though, I don’t define myself as a lesbian woman attracted primarily to butch women. I am attracted to who I am attracted to, namely women with strength, toughness, beauty, sensuality, a certain difference. I love glamour and dresses and make-up, but I this doesn’t define my attraction to this or the opposite, as in the butch identity.

Reference – The Misunderstood Gender

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