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9 May

I visited the Alumni Bookfest at the university I work at yesterday to have a browse and search for books on the French Revolution. I didn’t have much luck in regards to books on the French Revolution, but I was rather pleased to pick up three books for $2.50. I found a paperback version of Rita Hayworth’s biography which I read years ago for 50c. That was rather awesome. Rita is one of my favourite actresses. I also picked up for 50c a 1967 book on tips and moves in Striptease!! Now that I thought was very cool – a piece of history (the picture on the cover is very 60’s) and on something I want to learn more about (I’m really interested in burlesque). And to top it all off for $2 I bought a book I had been wanting to read for ages – ‘Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers’ by Lillian Faderman, which is a history of lesbian life in the USA in the 20th century (up to the early 1990’s). I think I will be getting stuck into this book over the next few weeks. As I headed back to my building I was thinking about what a great selection of books I’d just picked up.

Links –
Faderman, Lillian (1991) Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers, Columbia University Press

20130509-072828.jpg (source – http://www.booktopia.com.au/odd-girls-and-twilight-lovers-lillian-faderman/prod9780231074889.html)

Red Haired Women I Greatly Admire

4 Apr

Roger Sterling from the TV series Mad Men (set in the world of advertising in 1960’s New York City) describes red headed women as – “a drop of strawberry jam in a glass of milk.”

I love this description!!!!

I have long had a fascination and admiration for red hair. I had for many years wanted to dye my natural blonde hair red like my idol, the gorgeous Rita Hayworth. I love the notion that red headed women are fiery and passionate. This was (and still is) so sexy to me. I wanted to be more like that. I wanted to break free of my blonde hair and how I thought others saw me – blondes can’t be smart. At the time I was a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) student, researching a gastrointestinal bacterium and a scientist, and I wondered what others thought of my science career and long blonde hair. But, for me the key deciding factor was wanting to have red hair (and a glamorous 1940’s wavy hairstyle) like Rita. I loved 1940’s fashion and glamour and I wanted to have the hair to match some of the retro / vintage styled clothes I wore.

And when I did dye my hair red (auburn) I felt more empowered and more self confident (it helped to shake of some of the shackles of self doubt). I seemed to me be noticed more. And it looked natural with my colouring and green-blue eyes. I should have been born a red head!! Now, when the red dye fades a little and I look more strawberry blonde, I find myself wanting to dye it bright red again (the colour of Christina Hendricks or Rita Hayworth or Isla Fisher’s hair) and be a vibrant red head.

These red haired women I really admire and have influenced me greatly
– Rita Hayworth
– Lucille Ball
– Christina Hendricks

I also admire the following women and their lovely red tresses (whether natural or dyed)
– Isla Fischer
– Juliane Moore
– Jessica Rabbit (cartoon I know, but a glamorous red head)
– Poison Ivy (character)
– Amy Adams
– Marcia Cross
– Alicia de Witt
– Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine
– My friend Bec (who has been a red head since high school and who constantly got in trouble for her red hair)
– My partner’s Nana





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