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29 Sep

I have just started watching the first season of Outlander, a British-American drama series where an ex-Army nurse from the late 1940s travels through time and finds herself in the Scottish highlands in 1743 and in the middle of tensions between Scottish clans men and the British redcoats. So far I am enjoying it. But there are certain elements that don’t sit well with me. But none the less, the lovely costumes and landscapes have given me inspiration to work on my own story ideas – a story I have had for years set in colonial India in the 1790s (I’ve blogged about it before). And yes, like many historical novels, involves a romance, but mine is between two women. Of course I have to have it. I love historic lesbian romances and there is something delicatable about forbidden passions and ladies wearing men’s riding breaches and boots. So with this inspiration I will make sure (setting myself reminders, setting aside a certain evening to write, even jotting thoughts down) that I write something on my story. 

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All Quiet on the Blogging Front

13 Feb

For the last four months I have been very quiet on the blogging front. Life, work and other projects seemed to take up all my time. But I haven’t stopped writing (even if I have haven’t been blogging). In November I started writing a column – “Queer Perspectives” for the online version of Lip Magazine, an Australian feminist magazine based in Melbourne, Victoria. This has been a wonderful opportunity to hone my writing skills and style. And hopefully my perspective on the world and my experiences have contributed in some way to the body of feminist, female oriented, and queer discourse.

In my first article Talking Sexuality and Relationships with the Golden Oldies, I wrote the positive experiences I have had when discussing sexual orientation and same sex relationships with older people.

Perhaps you can check out Lip Magazine for yourself.

Romance Amongst The Dunes?

19 Jul

Inspired by my previous post – Archaeology, I was thinking, “should I write a story of archaeological adventure, romance and bygone eras?” Perhaps I will. I started doodling with a drawing of sand dunes and some prose popped into my head – “She came to me from across the sand dunes. A lone figure amongst the vast desert. My heart beat faster. I longed to hold her and show her my finds…….”


Current Topics of Interest

22 May

These are a few topics of interest that I am currently reading about and researching for a couple of novels / stories I am working on.

– Same-sex love between women and romantic friendships in the 18th and early 19th centuries
– Novelists (female and male) that wrote about the above
– Cross Dressing women in the 18th century, particularly those that joined the military
– The Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars in relation to British and French relations in India

– Equality and women’s rights in 1930’s in the USSR
– British and French women and men who travelled (and moved to) the USSR in the 1930’s

A Short Story

11 Apr

The death of Margaret Thatcher this week had stimulated my thoughts, and I have been thinking of the punk movement, the band the Clash, British patriotism, the Falklands War, “The Troubles” in Northern Ireland and the IRA (prominent at the time of Margaret Thatcher’s terms as Prime Minister).

Yesterday morning I was thinking of a story / novel idea that I had floating around in my head in the late 1990’s when I had an avid interest in “The Troubles” and the military history of the Falklands War. The story idea revolved around a young Australian woman, a police officer in the UK, her relationship with her older Royal Marine husband, the impact that military and terrorist activities had had on their lives, and their troubled daughter/stepdaughter who dabbles in a relationship with her teacher, a lesbian romance and a passion for the emerging goth subculture.

I didn’t develop the story (on paper anyway) any further than writing a short story – A Short Story – Agenton my other blog Red Passion Writings. It is strange for me to look back at and read this story I wrote over thirteen years ago and when I was straight / unaware of my lesbian sexuality / a repressed lesbian. Very strange. A sense of uncomfortableness (with my previous straight life and desires perhaps and reading my own work) coupled with a little sense of pride. I had written this! I don’t think it is that well written, and the plot could be improved, but I am proud. Perhaps I will develop the story further and use it as the basis of a novel.


3 Oct

Writing. It is my passion. But sometimes the creativity, the thoughts rushing into your head, doesn’t seem to flow. Then writing seems like work, almost like a chore, if you have to. A mentally taxing day at work, time away from research material or other things that inspire seem to dull the creative juices.

I am currently working on a novel – an historical lesbian romance and adventure set in India in the 18th and 19th centuries – and I am currently not feeling the creativity flowing for my story. I have been intensely researching, reading thesis’, books, papers, Wikipedia entries and webpages for a couple of months now. And thoughts of scenes, dialogue, the back story, timeline or biographical information usually pops into my head easily.

But, not at the moment. My work in a university has been particularly busy, intense and stressful of late. And we had a long weekend over which I didn’t give my story a single meaningful thought. And, my creativity has been focused on my blog and poems lately. So my poor story and my research for it has gone by the way side.

I know that spark will return, I just need to clear my brain of other information, get the blogging out of the way and sit down and read and think and compose intensely for a while. After all, they say, a writer should write everyday, something I am not doing at the moment, but will endeavor to do.

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